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Patient Testimonials

To whom it may concern,
I was very happy with Audiology Affiliates kind method of treatment. This was my first hearing aid and my audiologist listened carefully to me and what I wanted, (a small hearing aid). She worked hard to help and guide me and also fufilled my requests. I would recommend Audiology Affiliates/Hear Better, Inc. to anyone who needs hearing attention.

Sadie M., MA

Friendly people-always open to walk ins-nice location. I would recommend Audiology Affiliates to others.

Paul G.

I would recommend Audiology Affiliates for their great service and support, and the product works great!

Claude L., Leicester, MA

Audiology Affiliates offers great service. The staff has been very helpful to me and I would recommend them highly to others.

Eddie J.

My audiologist at Audiology Affiliates takes the time to explain things and answer my questions. The front desk has personality plus and the atmosphere is great. I would recommend them without reservation to others needing hearing care.

Madelaine W., Millbury, MA