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Our Hearing Professionals

Lynda Martin

Lynda Martin

Originally from upstate NY she has over 40 years experience as an audiologist. She received a Master's degree from Ithaca College and has worked in several clinics and hospitals in both New York and Massachusetts. Lynda taught Audiology courses at both Ithaca and Elmira Colleges. She is past director of Audiology at Hahnemann Rehabilitation Center, now Peak Rehab.

Lynda also worked as a marketing manager and trainer for three major hearing aid companies over a thirteen year period. She began the practice by acquiring the Framingham Office in 1986 which has now grown to three offices with the addition of Marlboro and Worcester. She is proud of her terrific team their competencies and their accomplishments.

Lynda and Her husband live in the Blackstone Valley. She has two chihuahua mix dogs both with "attitudes." 

Heidi LeFrancois

Heidi LeFrancois

Heidi LeFrancois, M.S. F-AAA was a student with us prior to her graduation from Northeastern University in 1997. She chose to further broaden her audiology experience in a large medical/audiological practice in Pittsburg, PA where she was an audiologist for several years.

Upon returning home from PA to start a family, Heidi worked for several more years in a busy ENT Practice in Fall River, MA.

Heidi rejoined our practice in 2003 and we were thrilled to have her back with us. We still are! Heidi is our go-to girl in Worcester. Amazingly she works full time, raises two young sports minded sons with her super nice husband, Eric, and spends all her summer spare time at the baseball or football fields. She is a dedicated audiologist and mom.

She works everyday starting as early as 7 am in our Worcester office. Heidi brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and strong commitment to excellent patient care. Her patients love her and so do we. 

Nicole Ferro

Nicole Ferro

We were very fortunate to hire Dr. Nicole Ferro, AuD., CCC-A to provide audiology services in the Framingham and Marlboro offices.

Nicole graduated from URI with her masters in Audiology and continued her education at Salus University where she obtained her doctorate in Clinical Audiology. Dr. Ferro worked in Dartmouth, MA for several years and also at Reliant Medical Group (formerly Fallon Clinic) in Worcester where she was the only dispensing audiologist for many years.

She has a reputation for providing compassionate and thoughtful hearing healthcare to her patients. Dr. Ferro divides her time between the the Framingham office and the Marlborough office where she works with Dr. Hughes, ENT one day each week.

Nicole has three great kids who range in age from 16 to six who, when she is not working, keep her very busy as an unpaid taxi driver.

She is patient, kind, experienced and knowledgeable and an exceptionally caring provider for our patients. We are proud to have her on our team.

Doreen Sharp

Doreen Sharp
Front office coordinator

Doreen originally joined our team as Framingham front office coordinator in May 2011 with over 20 years of Front Office experience. She has recently transferred to the Worcester office. Although she hails from Worcester originally and is presently a Blackstone Valley girl, she spent some years in Arizona where she was with another audiology practice. Doreen has Medical Insurance and Billing knowledge and great organizational skills. With a wonderful blend of customer service and clerical skills, she combines a warm, caring demeanor with a passion for helping patients and providing customer service. If you need help with scheduling or have questions regarding your insurance benefits, Doreen is available to assist you.

When Doreen is not working she enjoys spending her free time with her 5 adorable grandchildren.

She makes our candy ears and beautifully decorated cakes. She is woman of many talents.

Audria Cedrone

Audria Cedrone

Audria has been the face of Audiology Affiliates/Hear Better in Marlboro since 2007.

She came from Orthopedics but has excelled with ears! She manages our schedules, co-ordinates our patient care, replaces wax guards all with a smile and aplomb. Always pleasant and helpful to our patients and staff she is the person we count on in the Marlboro office.

A problem solver by nature, she is cheerful, reliable, level headed and has a great sense of humor on top. She was the first of the Virgo trio of front office administrators all organized and together.

Audria is married and has two beautiful daughters preparing to fly from the nest in the next few years. She is a dedicated mom and a great cook, a skill which she has taught the girls. We benefit with shared delicious bakery goods!

Lauren Medieros

Lauren Medieros
Front office patient coordinator

Lauren recently joined our team in the fall of 2014 as the front office patient coordinator in Framingham.

She came to us from The Learning Center for Deaf Children where she worked at the front desk and performed many administratitve and projet tasks and duties over eight years.

Prior to that she worked for Verizon for over eleven years in many different capacities both training and administration.

There she completed many special and diverse projects and took on many challenging tasks. She is a great addition for us and we are only beginning to learn all the terrific things she can do.

You will find her to be friendly and courteous and eager to help with any questions or provide any guidance you may need.

Lauren has five grown children who all still live at home ( launching suggestions accepted). She likes to walk,jog and knit when she has time. She is a Woman of the Moose organization but is never called a “Moosette”or a “cow” which is only used when referring to a female moose in nature. In addition, you will find she has a great sense of humor. Lauren looks forward to meeting all of our Framingham patients.

Doreen, formerly of front office Framingham, is still with us but has transferred to the Worcester which is much closer to her home.